Geographical situation

Łęczna lies in the Polesie Lubelskie region, in the centre of Lublin voivodeship, 25 kilometres east of Lublin, by the national main road Lublin - Cyców. This is also where local roads intersect: Biskupice - Lubartów and Łęczna - Sosnowica. The nearest railway station of Lublin - Chełm railway line is in Minkowice. Łęczna lies 70 kilometres west of Dorohusk which is at the Polish - Ukraina frontier.

It was built on the treeless plateau of loess in the river basin of the Wieprz. Whereas its older part is situated on the high slope at the bifurcation of the river Wieprz and the Świnka. A considerable part of the region encompasses the preserved nature, since 20 percent of the parish's area is included in the Nadwieprzański Natural Park. Another 30 percent accounts for the park's protected zone.
The northwestern park area with its steep-sided part of the valley, known as the Łęczna's Wieprz gorge, became remarkable for the most picturesque land of this protected zone.

For many people Łęczna is the place with easier access to the Łęczyńsko - Włodawskie Lake District, with a wealth of 68 above 1-hectare lakes totalling 2726 hectares. Majority of the lakes have a regular, shaped like a circle, shore line. Whereas they differ in terms of biological features. Apart from oligotrophic lakes (perfectly suitable for bathing), there are also eutrophic lakes (a large supply of fish) and atrophic ones. This region is not only well-known for the variety of lakes but also the wealth of flora and fauna with breeding and living habitats of rare species of birds. In the forests there is a game in abundance. This is why people attracted to unspoiled scenery may come here from far away to enjoy walks to the best viewpoints.