The town's favourable position

Łęczna has become an entrance gate to Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District from the Lublin's side.
This is where many tourists heading for the Białe Lake (nearby Włodawa), the Piaseczno Lake orthe Zagłębocze Lake had to drive through the town. Unfortunately they hardy ever stop there. Thus the town stewards' ambition is to create many favourable opportunities for the town's visitors. The city's population is to reach estimated 32 000 in the nearest future. This figure includes 9 000 inhabitants more than there are today. At present the town's trends include more attention to tourism. Its growth should be supported by the extended catering business, a hotel trade and a strong retail trade.

It has become clear that the community's representatives must advocate new undertakings in industry, different services. The Town Council pursued the plan of the town's future development for the forthcoming fifteen years. This plan was approved at the final Stage of Town Council's tenure of office and it became a legal ad. Evidently, there's a vision of a friendly town for its inhabitants taking advantage of its touristics and historical values, its picturesque location in the Nadwieprzański Natural Park and its numerous monuments of the old architecture. The newly passed act obviously supports a retail trade, services and small manufacturing industries. The town's representatives are very much in favour of various entrepreneurs who may be attracted to the town due to a reasonable tax policy.

Thus Łęczna has favourable conditions for the social and economic growth of the town. The varied and often spectacular scenery of the Łęczyńsko - Włodawskie Lake District, which is to be linked in the future, through a newly opened border area (in Włodawa) with the Szacki Lake District in Ukraine, should draw not only Polish investors to the town. So far here have been 1250 proprietors in the capital of the administrative district.
Thus, there are reasons to believe that not only due to the growth of the local coal industry, Łęczna can create many opportunities for promoting the general public welfare. The town's location in a poorly urbanized region can encourage investors to take more interest in this district. In addition, Łęczna's infrastructure is well maintained. The telephone connections are made within the whole and the modern purification plant's potential has been utilized only to some extent.

Łęczna's prospects of the economic growth of the town include farming and food processing based on the local agriculture, touristic services and services offered by recreational facilities, the manufacturing and service companies assisting the neighbouring coal mine, services for local inhabitants and trade.