Cooperating towns

Łęczna, on the strength of the signed agreements, collaborates with a Hungarian town, Hajduhadhaz, Treviolo in Italy and Kovel in Ukraine. As a result of this cooperation there have been a yearly youth exchange, cultural events. Also contributing to the town's growth is the cooperation directed toward exchanging the municipal practises in a foreign town. In the future the cooperating towns should also promote their sports events. In addition, Łęczna's cooperation with these foreign towns is assumed to be extended through the economic co-operation of the collaborating town's companies.

Hajduhadhaz - HUNGARY (since 1996)
Hajduhadhaz, sited 18 kilometres north of Debreczyn, the capital of the Hajdu-Bihar voivodeship.
Treviolo - ITALY (since 1997)

Treviolo has a population of 8000. It is situated in the suburbs of Bergamo, the major city of the province.
Kovel - UKRAINE (since 2006)

62 900 population (2004).